Pesso Boyden

"The endless act of becoming"

          Al Pesso 1961

What is Pesso Boyden Therapy?


In the last two decades of his life, Al Pesso, co-founder of Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor (PBSP), integrated depth psychology and body work with the latest neuroscience. This created a unique process of healing that centres on the creation of a 'new memory' from which a grounded, more joyful and altogether larger life may be lived.


In addition to being an Integrative Psychotherapist, i am a Pesso Boyden therapist. This is a highly respectful and effective form of body-mind psychotherapy that helps you access the hidden emotional processes and limiting patterns (based on experiences of the past) that continue to influence your present day emotions, expectations, attitudes and decisions.

Unmet needs from the past don't just go away. They create problems when transferred into present day contexts. Quality of life in the present is diminished by strategies and behaviours that helped us to survive past difficulties. 

This work attends to the satisfaction of basic developmental needs that are the basis for self-fulfillment and trust. Pesso Boyden therapy focuses on the deeply rooted emotional processes and constraining patterns where you can be helped to move beyond pure insight to mend historical damage with an emotional solution.


Through the creation of alternative body-mind experiences, the aim is to release untapped potential, update and review the patterns influencing your life, leading to a more optimistic life perspective and successful inter-personal way of relating.

What is meant by 'new memory'?

The PBSP approach provides individuals with new 'symbolic memories'. These alternative life-enhancing memories meet client's primal needs to be fully seen and understood, lessening the power of trauma or unmet developmental needs.

It disrupts unhelpful patterns in present day life, enabling clients to connect with their true selves and consequently experience more pleasure, satisfaction, meaning and connectedness with others in daily life. 

This effective approach works for both individual 1:1 work and group settings. 

Contact me for 1:1 sessions or for upcoming group workshops.